A Creative Mission

Welcome to my little property built in the digital world. Most people have some clean, well thought out and organized plan, theme, intention, scheme, *insert your own adjective here*, for their website and blogs however this blog will not be as clean cut as most tend to be. In an effort to not only display my articles, I hope to be able to expand upon my writing styles and subjects.

After a weekend spent searching for paying blogger jobs, I came to the brutal realization that my subject matter of Music, Art and Literature has pigeon holed me into a niche that will prohibit me from ever making a real salary in the freelance writing industry. This is not to say that I will abandon all my writing norms, because I do quite enjoy writing reviews and conducting interviews with musicians, artist, novelist, but i will be mixing Fiction and Non Fiction in topics that vary dramatically. In order to keep things readable, I will categorize my works so that interest won’t dwindle, cause lets face it, a reader interested in a “How to” and reader interested in Poetry will probably not want to see the same pieces, so with that in mind I will attempt to bring something to the table for all types of readers.

I welcome and even encourage feedback as this is a pro-folio of sorts that I will always be adding and updating to showcase my writing. If you would like to suggest a topic or discuss a subject already written feel free to email me at:  ZakWinters@me.com



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