ASMR- That Unknown Pleasurable Tingle

Maybe you have been on YouTube and some where in your travels one of the suggested videos would include a title like ” doctor role play” or “asmr: whispering”, which you think to yourself what is that, or what a weird video. Well ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is really a description of the tingling feeling certain people feel when exposed to certain stimulus. People who are prone to such pleasurable sensations are separated into two groups, those who respond to external triggers and those who respond to internal triggers like certain thought patterns. Many, even those who experience this phenomena do not realize there is a name for it. There are many scientific studies being conducted to understand ASMR. Most of what is known on the subject is primitive and speculative and makes it that much more important that these scientific research studies are conducted and then published.
As stated earlier, there are many stimulus that can trigger this relaxing and pleasurable sensation. Some of the more common triggers are:

– whispering (especially in different languages which have shown that its not the words but actually the sounds that cause the reaction)

– hair brushing (watching, sound, as well as imagining/acting through a video)

– finger nail tapping (surprisingly in the right environment this one can be very pleasurable)

– Close personal attention. Hence the doctors, make artist, hair cut and message role play videos.

– certain music. Especial melodies in d#



There are definitely many more triggers than listed here but as everyone is different, not everyone will have the same effect or level of success from every trigger. Furthermore some people may find that the ASMR YouTube videos work great for them and some may need a physical stimulus as the role play does not work for them. A good place to start would be one of the ASMR test videos, which I am going to give you a link however keep in mind that you may prefer a male voice over a female, or a lower voice to a higher voice etc etc So here is my suggestion or feel free to search around till you find one to your liking.

ASMR Exam – YouTube Video

Currently a ASMR experiment is being conducted throughout the world and the researchers are looking for volunteers that have ASMR and need a control group of individuals who do not have ASMR. If you are interested in participating you can follow this link to get involved.

Have you ever experienced ASMR? Let us know what your triggers are by commenting below.



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